Sunset Junction Street Fair

Last night I went to the Sunset Junction Street Fair in Silver Lake. It was a very cool way to say goodbye to Los Angeles. My brothers were there. JP was there! Jesse was there!!  We had fun eating hamburgers, watching the Cold War Kids, and riding the Gravitron. What more could I ask for?

JP is ready to kick it. 

Jesse's jacket is really pretty. I forgot to complement her. Paiman has "johnson pants". ; )

Before the Gravitron. 

Bonds at their best. 


Ambercrombie model says: "I am a little famous."

Panauh wins chipmunk with dart mastery. There is talk of a reality series. Panauh offers wikipedia entires and life as high-low-roller in Vegas. 

"Dude, you're a hipster," he tells me. 

"What's a hipster?" I ask. 

"Old people trying to act young like us."

Panauh's response to seeing the Cold War Kids: "It was more fun to kick plastic cups in the street."

The reality series is now in the works. 

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