Paiman at Bear Arcade

Super Bear Arcade

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My brother has it tough at the Bear Arcade in L.A.. (from his television show)

If I was there, I would have helped you, bro. This boy knows air hockey.

It's Just Me & My Monkey!

We had a great little get together in Sinchon. It was Jim, Loren, and myself doing our best to win every prize out there. I was all about getting stuffed monkeys. Jim and Loren preferred the strange, alien smurfs you see in the pic below.

How adorable is this pic? It's a keeper. Hopefully, we'll get to have many more chances to catch the great L, shooting hoops and causing disturbances with his plastic teeth and fake eye gags.

"What's up with the teeth?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just fun," Loren smiled.

"Great!" Jim laughed.

"Quick!" I shouted. "Let's knock some pins down."

"Is it baseball?" Loren asked.

"We win stuffed animals. Who cares?"

I am all about winning things. I love it. I'm a real addict too. You can see me shouting like crazy in the video below. It's quite embarassing, but luckily Jim and Loren caught the fever too. We got about 4 stuffed animals in all. Loren ruled on the basketball and shooting game (he had to shoot 4 in a row 24 times to get the smurf). Jim pitched to win a crazy, red alien like Doc Gooden before the darker days. I kicked the life out of a soccer ball strapped to a power meter. I took a running start and collided with the machine. It was pretty bad. Objects were catapulted. Jim scoured the streets. And the audience which had gathered kept shouting for more. What could I do? I aim to please the public.

Jim, Loren and I play games of chance in Sinchon.

Jim, Loren, and I shout like mad. Mostly, me.

Now I'm nursing several bruises on my chest. I can't say I was very good at kicking the soccer ball (I got a 547), or anything else for that matter on this night of chance and games, but I did have passion, and that's what counts in my book. Passion and stuffed animals. (I was given a pity stuffed monkey.) Not bad for a night in Sinchon. Not bad at all.

New Kicks

I went to Costco. I got all kinds of goodies: a printer; Campbell's Soup, a table; and some kicks. The kicks are my favorite buy. They are so ugly they make me laugh. Jim too.

"Oh, God," Jim laughed.

"Funny, huh?"

"They're great."

I had to get them. After I saw those punks tag the college walls with "Nike" and "Dickies," I figured I better represent L.A..

In a bit, I'll head out to meet Loren. I'm so excited. He is trying to snag a gig at a college out here. If all goes well, we'll have an amazing artistic powerhouse in Seoul.

I'll post pics of tonight's adventure with details. Who knows? We might have a little movie.

Second Painting and Shopping Spree

I've started a second painting. I'm using gesso as a base before I begin. This will definitely make the colors a bit brighter. I also got two tubes of rose hues to be the primary colors. I'm not sure if I'll use them, but something tells me I will. It may be too fab for words. Who knows? We'll see what happens.




I would say this painting is fairly complete. I would like to add something unusual in the left corner, but I may not. I may just do touch ups here and there, and call it a day.


As far as other news, I finished up my taxes. I have it all set for my accountant, and I'm thrilled to have that done and over with. It was hanging over me for a while now. It wasn't until this morning that a strong urge to do something set in. I'm glad I listened.


I've also started to learn Dreamweaver. I'm going real slow. Baby steps. I figure I'll have a site up in the next couple months. Something fun and exciting. We'll see if I can translate my vision into reality. Who knows? It might just work out dashingly.


I will be getting a scanner, guitar, and new threads on Friday. Hopefully, Jim will accompany me on this shopping spree. I can't wait to have a guitar in my hands. I am also uber excited to have a scanner/printer for the possibility of finishing some animated shorts. I will post them as soon as they're made. I'm thinking a series of them. I haven't decided what it will be about, but I think they will be fun.


I got these.

No, they're not numchucks.

What's Out There?

Well, I put down an ice cream cone and it's stayed put. That's a good sign. Good enough to get me out of bed to read some blogs.

For those of you who are still sick with the stomach flu, or just haven't chanced upon these posts, you can be sure there will be no harm if you find out what the fuss is about, you might even recover from your illnesses, know right and wrong, or feel like you can take on the Cobra Kai.

Smidge writes about a run-in with the Cobra Kai at a school competition.

Brad Warner improvises a post about right and wrong in Buddhism.

Miss Ahmad offers a beacon with her observations on the Dixie Chicks, Rick Rubin, and today's political climate.

Kasey has posted his top 100 films.

My top films? That's very hard. Here are some:

1. Where Is My Friend's House?
2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. The Sound of Music
4. Life Is Beautiful
5. Dances with Wolves
6. Groundhog Day
7. Antonia's Line
8. Burnt by the Sun
9. Empire Strikes Back
10. Back to the Future

Tak Galbi and Deft Chopstick Maneuvers

Just got back from the Yonsei area. Jim, SY, and I got some tak galbi. It was Jim's first pizza tak galbi. He seemed to enjoy himself. I did as well. It was a bit spicy, and I barely made it home (I took a taxi for speed), but, all in all, it was a huge success.

As you can tell from these pics, Jim and I had a good old time with our matching aprons and deft chopstick maneuvers.

(Above: This is my serious pose. It is reserved for when I am way too hot in a smokey tak galbi joint.)

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this video game. They have them all over Seoul. This one is my particular favorite, as it is a re-work of the ole "Strongman" doo hickeys at Rehobeth Beach. I desperately wanted to play, but figured a pic was good enough for the moment. Besides, I had such a cute couple to take a pic of, when I turned around.

Aren't they adorable?

(I directed this photo, as I am prone to direct everything - Type A and all. They were both sports enough to humor me as I said, "Oh, please! Closer to the neon!" I can be so funny sometimes.)

After the restaurant, Jim said he needed some Cold Stone Creamery to cool off. I was all for it. We walked the 10 minutes, which SY was convinced was 20 (with emotional duress), and had ourselves some fine creamy ice cream. Jim got his staple of vanilla with raspberries. I went for the adventurous white chocolate with raspberries. I even tipped one dollar, and was treated to a song by the ice cream clerks.

"What are they singing?" I asked SY.

"It's a song about Cold Stone," she said.

"What's it mean?"

"It's just a song about Cold Stone."

Unfortunately, SY realized her wallet was missing, and we had to trek back to the restaurant to see if it had found its way into the lost and found. It was a no show. I consoled as best as I could. I also made a mental note to remove my American credit cards and ID's from my wallet should the same thing happen to me.

"Cancel everything. You can do it. I believe in you. You're awesome," I told her. "This is nothing for a business woman such as yourself.

"Yes," she agreed. "It's nothing."

"Just cancel everything tonight," Jim reminded.

"Yes," SY agreed. "Tonight."

"You still have your phone?" I asked.

"Fortunately," SY said in a British lilt. "I have that."

"Yes, fooor-tu-nately," I imitated.

"You got to love it," Jim smiled. "A little British, German, Italian - all kinds of accents in there."

"Yeah, it's great."

(This pic is of my last class. It has nothing to do with today, other than I like it, because it's my class, and it just happened to find its way in my mailbox this morning. Yeah! 217!!)

Now I am home. I will finish the painting tomorrow. That's about all that's on the agenda. I've thought about laundry, but it might have to wait for some movie watching. We'll see how much of a multi-tasker I feel like being. I may just come up with an algorithim on Martian life probabilities. Who knows?


There are times I wish a signpost could guide me. There are others when nothing happens at all. I dream of Ike Turner. I paint in the dark. I could use another color or disappear altogether.

This Cracked Me Up
LogoThere are:
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Dances with Me

"I thought the scenes with the dog were very interesting," he said. "Dogs are probably one of the few animals that move communally like humans."

"Well, there's penguins, elephants, and eagles."

"Okay," he smiled. "Well-"

"Yes, the dog-wolf, keep going."

"Yeah, well, Kevin Costner is an outcast from the violence of his native group. The wolf is also away from his pack. The symbolism of these two meeting is so poignant. Two outcasts together."

"I never thought about it like that."

"Well, it's right there."

"Hmmm," I thought. "That's just like us now."

"Yeah," he smiled.

Class 217

This was a funny reel I made with my students. It makes me laugh a lot.

New Phrases

Today I learned a whole slew of phrases. I've been using them left and right. Well, at least some of them.

Pay coo pa yo = "I'm hungry"

Pop choo say yo = "Give me some rice!"

Hwa chang shil = "restroom"

Chee coom meyoo c a yo = "What time is it now?"

Chon ha pun ho ka mow ye yo = "What's your phone number?"

Yawl kee kaa o d a yo = "Where are we?"

Ye bbu she ne yo = "gorgeous"

Sa lang hey yo = "I love you."

Mi an hey yo = "I'm sorry."

Bo go si po yo = "I miss you."

Ban ga wo yo = "Nice to meet you."


In other news, my painting is almost done. It's taken me 3 weeks, but that's just fine. I don't mind going slow. I can go turtle for weeks. I'll still beat that rabbit.


I made a movie in these last couple days. I'm not sure if I'll post it, because I've been getting flack about what I can and cannot put out to the world as a professor.

Personally, I am ready to put out whatever my heart fancies. We'll see if I grow a mane.


Oh, yes, and I'm excited about this:

The Shimmy Was One Dance She Knew

Last night I went to Hong Da. It's the club scene in Seoul. That means you've got about 30 different b-boy and dance clubs nestled together like half-melt marshmallows. I didn't partake in any of the gangster stickiness. I was in a walking mood. Most of you probably know this about me. In case you didn't, I'm the Forrest Gump of walking. I've walked from Hollywood Boulevard to Beverly Hills. I swear. Seoul is no different. I cruised all over Hong Da. It was a hip scene. Everyone was fronting their posh mini skirts and high heels. I would catch a few ex-pats every once in a while.

"Where you from?" I'd ask.

"________ state," they'd say.

Then we'd go into where each of us were teaching. Some were on there way out. Others had just arrived. Everyone was definitely unique. The funniest were these two guys from Detroit. One was in traditional goth gear, while the other looked like he stepped out of an Ambercrombie catalogue.

"What have you got in your pocket?" I asked Ambercrombie.

"Pringles," he smiled. Want one?"

"What are they doing in your pocket?"

"I'm hungry," he said, and popped a Pringle in his mouth. "It's also easy access."

"You're hilarious."

"You sure you don't want one?"

"No, thanks," I smiled. "I'm not hungry."

I told them to be safe and kept walking. I headed down past a waffle stand towards a group of Korean men shouting at a gorgeous Siberian Husky-St Bernaise mix attached to a fish stand. The dog had to be the biggest animal I had ever seen.

"Oh my God!" I said aloud.

"Big!" one of the men agreed. "Biiig!"

"Nay," I nodded in Korean. "Big."

I gave the dog a big hug, and then walked on. A Korean pop song was in my head. I don't know which. It had a pretty melody. I tried putting words to it. Then I gave up. I was more interested in getting a warm hat. My ears were killing me. The hat stand guy didn't help matters. He just kept putting hats on my head and laughing.

"Not warm enough," I said.

"Oh!" he laughed. "Good!"

I finally got this little black showy one with ear flaps. It wasn't warm, but it would do. Then I headed up another street. The Rolling Stones were playing through a speaker outside of a club. I figured this was my place. I yanked off my hat, and strolled in with my best Mick imitation. A couple of gals inside the club caught this right away and ran up to me. They started going on about something or other. I had no idea what they were saying. I just smiled and kept the Mick impersonation up. Every once in a while, I'd go into a counter Elvis twist, just to shake things up.

"Blah gity kan chong ting Elvis," one of the girls smiled.

"Nay," I said, and grabbed her arms. "Elvis."

We shimmied for a good while. I even got a couple tango steps in before the DJ had 50 Cent drop like a lead brick. That was my cue to walk again. I said goodbye to my friendly tango partner, and headed back out into the cold. I was feeling chipper, so I skipped down a few blocks before I caught sight of a six floor glass building. It was a viewable Norabong (Singing Room). There were folks inside dancing and doing Karaoke in separate rooms. I watched one cute couple singing arm and arm for a good 5 minutes. They had it going full blast. I could tell. Their mouths were wide and their hips moving right along. I tried to see if I could guess the song. I couldn't. I can't read lips. I was impressed that I thought I could though. That's how kind I am to myself. I am even so kind to know when it's too cold to walk. I hailed a cab the next block.

"Annyang," the cabbie pitched.

"Annyang," I replied, and handed him my address written in Korean on a business card.

"Foreigner?" he asked.

"Yeah," I replied. "You speak English?"

"Bling blang shing shang," he smiled.

I laughed. "Suyu yuk?"

"Suyu," he agreed.

TESL & Battlestar Galactica

(a balloon and a chainsaw)


Classes are flying right along. I'm doing my best to give students the most amount of information for the limited time (2 weeks!) we have them. I get up on desks. I dance around. I sing. I do whatever I can to help them acquire the English language as fast and painlessly as possible. Most of my efforts have been to utilize the TPR method. I will say a word with an action, have them repeat it, and then do the action while they say the word. This has been a useful method for me to learn other languages, so I'm hoping it will be helpful for my students as well. They seem to be enjoying themselves.

Today I walked into a class singing "The Star Spangled Banner." They laughed for a good while, especially when I tried the Korean National Anthem. I kept getting the notes wrong or the pronunciation. I'm not sure which. Eventually, they started clapping after my eighth try. If I knew what I did right, I wouldn't have done nearly so many wrong. That's the way it goes I suppose. (National anthems are hard in other languages; the vowel sounds can throw you out of key. At least that's how I console my singing ego.)


I will be going to the Hwa Gya Sa Temple on Sunday to sit in on some good old meditation and a dharma talk. I am very excited about this. Not only do I have a potential friend who might be at this temple, but I will also get to meet another of Zen Master Seung Sahn's students, Hyon Gak Sunim.

The Seoul International Zen Center sent me these directions:

Suyu Subway station / Line No. 4 / Blue Line Exit No. 2 - Take Shuttle Bus No. 2 - Get off at Hanshin University Stop - 5 Minute walk to Hwa Gye Sa =or= Exit No. 4 - Take a cab (around 3,000 won) - Get off at Hwa Gye Sa

We will see where I end up. If it's at Burger King, then I am going to get a Whopper.


I have watched all of Battlestar Galactica. I really can't get enough of it. It's that darn, Guyus Balthar! How can you not love him? I have also been lusting after the other Cylons. Call me a sucker for machines. They do it to me every time.


"Is Guyus a Cylon? Is this entire show a comment on the War in Iraq? Could I make love to a machine? Do machines have rights? Could they believe in God? What if they did? What if they raged a war because of their spiritual beliefs?"

Whenever I talk about Battlestar, I have several friends who bust out laughing. I totally understand. How could someone as cool as me like Battlestar? Well, it's easy. It's the same thing that gets you in any television show: identification, sexual gratification, and the unknown.



Ren Powell has republished an interview I had with Jeff Encke in the Summer of 2006 on iCorn.

"Che Zoo Gah Too?" In His Best Watson

A woman is riding past on her bicycle. Just as she gets within 3 feet of me, she screeches to a halt, grabs my arm, and says, "Che zoo gah too?"

I think she's propositioning me. I say my words for 'hello' and 'goodbye' in Korean.

"Annyang ha say o," I say. "Ann yang ka say o."

She laughs. "Che zoo gah too?"

I walk hurriedly away.

Private Investigator Log, Febraury 3rd, 6:30 PM

Jim and I are fairly convinced it is a proposition of sorts. I run with hooker. Jim decides prosleytizing is more probable.

"You sure the old woman didn't say anything about Jesus?" Jim asks in his best Sherlock.

"I don't think so," I ponder in my best Watson. "I don't know. All I got was 'che zoo gah too.' What does that mean?"

"I don't know."

We decide to ask SY, Jim's girlfriend. She is a native Korean. We figure she can help.

Private Investigator Log, February 3rd, 7:40 PM

"It doesn't mean anything," SY tells us in an officious manner. "Nothing!"

"So it's not Korean?" Jim asks.

"It's nothing!" she says with finality.

I decide to store the idea in my private investigator memory bank for later. SY has officiated. There is no need for more discussion. I will have to deal with the problem during down time.

"Good idea," my memory bank decides.

Private Investigator Log, February 5th, 1:34 AM

Tonight as I lay in bed, I decide to play a bit of Motzart on my belly to calm my nerves. As I play, my mind sounds out each word:

Che zoo gah too. Che zoo? Che zoo? What is che zoo? Then it comes to me like a free pinball game : "Jesus!!!"

'Che zoo gah too?' is 'Jesus got you?'

Mmmm. If I had known this, I would have said the Korean word for 'yes.' Of course, saying 'hello' and 'goodbye' in Korean works just as well. I may just stick with that. I might even take it with me to the states.

"You got (fill in the blank) ?"

"Hello," I nod. "Goodbye."

The Things People Do

Things like this will never cease to amaze me. I mean I grew up doing some crazy things, but this! There is no way I would do it now. Would you?

Was this the beginning of the end?

Presidents is people too?

Traditional Korean Fare?

Last night I went out with Jim for some live octopus. Well, slightly alive. They diced up the octopus raw, and then laid it down on our plates for the forbidden dance. Jim watched the tentacles flail like a kid who was given his first vanilla ice cream. I was a bit more trepidatious. Especially after Jim warned me about the suction cups.

"It'll stick to your tongue, if you leave it there," he told me.


"Yeah, the tentacle."

"So it could potentially get lodged in my throat?"

"Just make sure you chew it a few times before you swallow."

I put the tentacle in my mouth and started chewing immediately.

"What do you think?" Jim asked.

It was like chewing the fat off a steak. It was all muscle. There was no taste. It had no special aroma flavor. Just a tentacle. Then it was down my throat and in the upper intestine.

"Isn't it great?"

I couldn't share Jim's sentiments. I am a very finicky eater. I don't like too many things. In fact, I am rather plain. Turkey burgers with a side salad, or salmon on a bed of rice, are my ideal choices for a meal. I am not into much of anything else. I probably could have taken this into consideration before I arrived in Seoul, but bygones are bygones. Now I'm here and I'll have to let my palette explore and adjust.

"You would like traditional Korean food," SY, Jim's girlfriend tells me. "There's rice with every meal."

"Rice?! Why aren't we having traditional Korean fare than? Why is it octopus and barbecued pork?"

"Because Jim," SY laughs. "He likes these foods."

Jim gives me a helluva smile. It just gets me laughing. Here I am suffering through the strangest foods, when I could be having traditional Korean fare. Well, go figure. At least now I know that there's such a thing. I'll try and get my hands on the basics - a Korean cookbook or work something with the ingredients available to me. That is what I must do. Survive and adapt. I'm on a desolate planet. I must reconfigure the plans for a food source. It just might be possible to grow some edible plants of some sort before shipments arrive from Nebulous One.

Final Performance: Imitation of Jim and Beatles Impersonators

This was the final performance of our graduating class. I served as MC; Jim was impersonated; and The Beatles chanced by to hold our hands.

"Kim Chi Cowboys!!"

Happy Teachers!


I learned 3 new phrases today. I keep reciting them over and over like a song.

E-pie-o: "You are beautiful."

Ja-way-o: "Cool" or "I like it!"

E-man-che-say-o: "I want half."