New Phrases

Today I learned a whole slew of phrases. I've been using them left and right. Well, at least some of them.

Pay coo pa yo = "I'm hungry"

Pop choo say yo = "Give me some rice!"

Hwa chang shil = "restroom"

Chee coom meyoo c a yo = "What time is it now?"

Chon ha pun ho ka mow ye yo = "What's your phone number?"

Yawl kee kaa o d a yo = "Where are we?"

Ye bbu she ne yo = "gorgeous"

Sa lang hey yo = "I love you."

Mi an hey yo = "I'm sorry."

Bo go si po yo = "I miss you."

Ban ga wo yo = "Nice to meet you."


In other news, my painting is almost done. It's taken me 3 weeks, but that's just fine. I don't mind going slow. I can go turtle for weeks. I'll still beat that rabbit.


I made a movie in these last couple days. I'm not sure if I'll post it, because I've been getting flack about what I can and cannot put out to the world as a professor.

Personally, I am ready to put out whatever my heart fancies. We'll see if I grow a mane.


Oh, yes, and I'm excited about this:

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