It's Just Me & My Monkey!

We had a great little get together in Sinchon. It was Jim, Loren, and myself doing our best to win every prize out there. I was all about getting stuffed monkeys. Jim and Loren preferred the strange, alien smurfs you see in the pic below.

How adorable is this pic? It's a keeper. Hopefully, we'll get to have many more chances to catch the great L, shooting hoops and causing disturbances with his plastic teeth and fake eye gags.

"What's up with the teeth?" I asked.

"Oh, it's just fun," Loren smiled.

"Great!" Jim laughed.

"Quick!" I shouted. "Let's knock some pins down."

"Is it baseball?" Loren asked.

"We win stuffed animals. Who cares?"

I am all about winning things. I love it. I'm a real addict too. You can see me shouting like crazy in the video below. It's quite embarassing, but luckily Jim and Loren caught the fever too. We got about 4 stuffed animals in all. Loren ruled on the basketball and shooting game (he had to shoot 4 in a row 24 times to get the smurf). Jim pitched to win a crazy, red alien like Doc Gooden before the darker days. I kicked the life out of a soccer ball strapped to a power meter. I took a running start and collided with the machine. It was pretty bad. Objects were catapulted. Jim scoured the streets. And the audience which had gathered kept shouting for more. What could I do? I aim to please the public.

Jim, Loren and I play games of chance in Sinchon.

Jim, Loren, and I shout like mad. Mostly, me.

Now I'm nursing several bruises on my chest. I can't say I was very good at kicking the soccer ball (I got a 547), or anything else for that matter on this night of chance and games, but I did have passion, and that's what counts in my book. Passion and stuffed animals. (I was given a pity stuffed monkey.) Not bad for a night in Sinchon. Not bad at all.

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