Transistor on iTunes!!

Dear Friends,

After a year's worth of work, Transistor Radio is finally available for sale on iTunes. 

Since some of you are either on this record, or have been inspirations for some of the material, it'd be great if you passed the word or penned a review.

I will be touring for the record and new book (more on that later) this summer. Some of the stops include: Portland, Seattle, Hollywood, Philly, Buffalo, New York City, and Boston. If you want to get together, make a song for the next record, or do a joint performance/reading, let me know. I'd love to visit old and new friends alike.



The Party

I have a featured story on Wigleaf. It is about a party and eating dumplings. There is also a really funny tale about Steve Guttenberg by Karyna McGlynn. I liked those Police Academy movies. I would have liked to star in one. Reading about someone taking a class with Mr. Guttenberg was pretty good too.