Sogee can hike!


Bears in a cave.


My uncle calls this view "God".


Lunch continued.

Le Chef!

Tennis at the Secret Canyon.

It is 105. I am hot.

Cooling off in town.


Taking a rest.

I survived tennis in unbearable heat and 6,000 feet in the air. Then I hiked for 3 hours. I had reason to do the Rocky.

Rarrrrrrr, the Movie

This is the best movie I've ever made.

Boulder & Albuquerque

The Boulder Crew

Breakfast Tastes Good

I Heart Corn

Family Fun

What Can Be Done with an Egg?

Slamtastic: Rich Boucher shows us Huevos Rancheros Albuquerque style!

Sogee was not happy when I took pics while driving. I suppose it was a little dangerous, but there's something about the desert. it makes me feel naughty.

LA Trip

On Monday I leave for Los Angeles. I will be stopping in Philadelphia (8/17), Columbus (8/18), St Louis (8/19), Hays (8/20), Boulder (8/21), Albuquerque (8/22), Sedona (8/23), and Los Angeles (8/25). If you want to hang, let me know.

Wedding Push Ups

My dad and father-in-law did five-finger push ups on the wedding dance floor.