Brad Warner's Hardcore Zen - Ojai Screening

Thanks to everyone who came to our US premiere! It was a huge success!! We had about 150 people braving the cold and meeting a guy in a bunny suit. :)

I've put some more pics of the event below. These are all courtesy of Adam Eurich, who was kind of enough to take pictures.

It was nice to do a Q&A with a guy in a bunny suit. My favorite moment was when we tried to give gifts to audience members by having Brad point at an iPhone with everyone's names and his bunny hands just covered the entire screen.

"Wait! I can use my pinky finger!"

"Okay," I said. "It's the only way."

My other favorite moment was getting a free shirt from Pretty Glam Special myself! Rachael, who curates these vintage wearable art pieces, handed me one and said, "Yours!" I jumped for joy and then did a Superman pose. Naturally, right? What else could I do?

On Wednesday, we're off to our screenings in Seattle and Portland. If anyone cares to hang with us, we'll probably be busking at the theaters before showtime -- our latest idea to make flight and gas money. Who knows? Maybe we can make $10 by singing about zombies.

If you have yet to donate or pass on our little fundraiser, please be aware that we've now added DVDs to the list, which will include the downloadable links with extra scenes as well. We also have some pics of our dino paintings, which come in full, black and white, with stands, or framed. Ooo-la-la.

Please share or get one of the gifts. It really does help us get everywhere, since we're doing this completely independently, which basically means: by the skin of our teeth.

Thanks again for the support in Ojai. It was great to see everyone. We're looking forward to more of the same in Seattle and Portland. Oh, yes, and Brad is giving away free hugs. :)