Fans and Haters Can Now Send in Video Responses to be in Brad Warner Documentary


Dear Fans and Haters of Brad Warner, 

ILIKENIRVANA PRODUCTIONS needs your opinions for our upcoming documentary on BRAD WARNER. 

If you would like to potentially be in the film BRAD WARNER'S HARDCORE ZEN, please send video clips in response to any of the following prompts to or piroozkalayeh[at]

Please finish this sentence: "Brad is _________."

Please also respond to any of the inquiries below:

1. Do you think it's wrong for Brad to be working with the Suicide Girls? 
2. Do you think Brad's a normal Zen teacher? 
3. Have you ever met a Zen teacher who plays punk rock music? 
4. Why do you think Brad is or is not a good Zen teacher? 
5. Who is Brad Warner? 

You are welcome to film with any camera. Just be sure that you are close enough to the microphone and use the questions in your responses i.e. "Brad Warner is a horrible Zen teacher because he is hedonistic and likes dinosaurs." 

Please also keep video clips under three minutes in length, so our serves don't die. : ) 

Once clips are sent, we will follow-up with a performer's release that allows us to use the footage in the documentary. We will also be sure to list any contributors in the film's credits. 


Pirooz Kalayeh