Second Painting and Shopping Spree

I've started a second painting. I'm using gesso as a base before I begin. This will definitely make the colors a bit brighter. I also got two tubes of rose hues to be the primary colors. I'm not sure if I'll use them, but something tells me I will. It may be too fab for words. Who knows? We'll see what happens.




I would say this painting is fairly complete. I would like to add something unusual in the left corner, but I may not. I may just do touch ups here and there, and call it a day.


As far as other news, I finished up my taxes. I have it all set for my accountant, and I'm thrilled to have that done and over with. It was hanging over me for a while now. It wasn't until this morning that a strong urge to do something set in. I'm glad I listened.


I've also started to learn Dreamweaver. I'm going real slow. Baby steps. I figure I'll have a site up in the next couple months. Something fun and exciting. We'll see if I can translate my vision into reality. Who knows? It might just work out dashingly.


I will be getting a scanner, guitar, and new threads on Friday. Hopefully, Jim will accompany me on this shopping spree. I can't wait to have a guitar in my hands. I am also uber excited to have a scanner/printer for the possibility of finishing some animated shorts. I will post them as soon as they're made. I'm thinking a series of them. I haven't decided what it will be about, but I think they will be fun.


I got these.

No, they're not numchucks.


Megan said...

Is that a jumprope or a weapon?

Fortune Cookie said...

I love your new painting. You have a future in art! Your style is rich in the abstract while maintaining a grounded, earthy quality. Keep on creating!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

M - It's still in its packaging. We'll have to see what happens when it's unwrapped. It could be a flux capacitor for all I know.

FC - Thanks for the shout out. I don't know about the future, but the present is fairly tasty.

Anonymous said...

oh mr. p. lovely paintings for a lovely friend. i adore the kicks as well. oh, and i adore you.

ps. you should be receiving some treats pretty soon . . .


stacy elaine