What's Out There?

Well, I put down an ice cream cone and it's stayed put. That's a good sign. Good enough to get me out of bed to read some blogs.

For those of you who are still sick with the stomach flu, or just haven't chanced upon these posts, you can be sure there will be no harm if you find out what the fuss is about, you might even recover from your illnesses, know right and wrong, or feel like you can take on the Cobra Kai.

Smidge writes about a run-in with the Cobra Kai at a school competition.

Brad Warner improvises a post about right and wrong in Buddhism.

Miss Ahmad offers a beacon with her observations on the Dixie Chicks, Rick Rubin, and today's political climate.

Kasey has posted his top 100 films.

My top films? That's very hard. Here are some:

1. Where Is My Friend's House?
2. It's a Wonderful Life
3. The Sound of Music
4. Life Is Beautiful
5. Dances with Wolves
6. Groundhog Day
7. Antonia's Line
8. Burnt by the Sun
9. Empire Strikes Back
10. Back to the Future


Anonymous said...

I love your movie picks! We have a lot of picks in common.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Really? They cracked me up when I looked at them afterwards. So bizarre!