How Fast Can a Music Producer Fall?

Scott Storch, one of the hottest music producers in the world, spent all his money at the candy shop. Once the producer to the likes of Beyonce, Sean Paul, and 50 Cent, he is now a recluse who is unwilling to take interviews, long overdue in paying several cases of child support, and a producer to none. How can this happen to a multimillionaire who used to date the likes of Paris Hilton? According to a recent article on CNN, the hip-hop Gatsby simply spent too much and didn't save for his rainy day.  

A crooked manager or a star incapable of saving their money seems to be the theme for most rags-to-riches stories. It reminds me of what used to be the trend for sports stars. I remember a story done on basketball stars who were in the same predicament. Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley warned about buying luxury cars over saving for a possible injury or college education should it all go to flames. It looks like we need similar warnings within the entertainment industry. 

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