Can People Fall in Love in Three Weeks?

Today I was surprised by the banter on one of Rochester's many radio broadcasts. Apparently, the common consensus is that a man cannot hear "I love you" within three weeks of a relationship. 

"You scared him away," the broadcaster said to the woman who phoned in her issue. 

"Yes, definitely," the sidekick agreed. "He is long gone."

"You just don't say things like that. One time I was in the middle of -- you know -- with a chick --and she says "I love you" and I was just --"

"What did you do?"

"I think I coughed or something."

"You coughed?"

"I breathed really hard. Like aaaahh, yeah, uh, yeah! Because what are you going to say in the middle of that? I'm sorry. That's too fast for me. Maybe, I'll get there in a bit?"

"Yeah! And who falls in love in three weeks?"

"I don't fall in love in three weeks."

"I disagree," a female broadcaster says, "it's possible to fall in love in a very short time. You just know."

"If a girl falls in love with me that fast, I usually figure something's not right upstairs."

"Are you serious?"

"Oh, yeah," the other broadcaster agrees. "If a girl falls in love that fast, there is something wrong with her."

"I can't believe you're saying that!"

I thought about calling into the radio station. I didn't know the number though. Then I thought about how I probably had both opinions in the past, and that you don't really know unless you go through something, so what's the point in fighting an opinion? I could just listen. I was still upset though. I hate it when people give bad advice, especially about love, and push people away from something as if they know what's best for someone else. People really need to stop dishing personal advice about love as if they know an absolute answer. Shit. If I knew an absolute on anything, I would not even be writing this post. 


Valia said...

I was googling "can you fall in love in three weeks" and came across your blog. I just wanted to comment that I agree with you - there are NO rules about falling in love, it's different for each person, it may take 3 weeks, it may take 3 years, but why debate about something like that?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I hear you, Valia. Everyone is different.

HanMcK said...

I know this is years after you posted this but I just wanted to say that I have fallen in love and Ive only know the guy a few weeks and he has said the same back to me. I think it proves that love is timeless and will happen whenever it likes!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

All it took me was between 3-4 weeks. I felt it start to happen and got scared I was going to be only one with this feeling of the 2 of us. The sex was ok nothing so great but I became so attracted to this person nothing mattered and we had small disagreements that didn't matter much as well. This would have normally have just turned me off. I tried to fight it off the best I could but by the end of the fourth week I knew I got in too deep as I noticed the girl did not have same feelings for me as I did her. It wasn't perfect and there was going to be obstacles and possible relocation but what you gonna do. There's a reason you get these feelings if not you would stay alone for ever right. At this point I figure I like being around her so why just end it so I kept seeing her another 2-3 weeks. Maybe I get lucky and she will start to get a little more comfortable with things . But I also knew the longer time went on the bigger chance I took to get hurt or just getting the big let down from being really happy to just nothing. I started being a little more confrontational on purpose just to test the waters and see how she would react and it would set her off into a fits of anger over things that really were so minute like miscommunications that I would assume most relationships have the first few months.
Well it didn't work. I ended up getting told off and cursed at and told never to contact her again. I could not help it . I had to hear her voice so I kept calling and texting . After numerous arrests and orders of protection I was finally alone with her long enough to.....

I'm writing this from Folsom state prison were I'm sentenced to 35 at life soooo....

To answer the question asked above.

No fucking way

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