The Embryo Stage of a Film Production

I had a nice time visiting Noah in Youngstown, Ohio. We talked about relationships, gastritis, and making a movie. The latter was the main reason for our get together. As of today, it looks like we will be shooting a film of Noah's novel, The Human War, in early 2009. I am hoping to do pre-production and the entire film in five weeks. We'll see if that's possible. In the meantime, I am working on the script, getting a team together, and checking out locations.

Noah took me to Youngstown's local Denny's, a strip club, and in and around the downtown area. I got a solid taste for what made this such a unique backdrop for Noah's fiction. My ideas for what I would shoot also started forming. I could see the protagonist's room, the way characters would walk and where, and how certain storefronts and city streets could serve as a backdrop for a particular scene. There was definitely a feeling of hope and camaraderie between Noah, Youngstown, and myself. I even managed to take a few pics of this unique city, and take them off to the second leg of my journey - Manhattan!

I had to go right from Noah's to my friends' places in Brooklyn. They were the ones who were going to help make this film. Thankfully, Mark and Thomas are both interested in seeing this project come together. Mark was willing to help as a producer and casting director, and Thomas wants to co-direct the picture with me. I think both things are great.

At first, I thought that maybe one director would be better. I even considered my friend, Marlowe, as being the better choice, and to just have me as an executive producer in the wings, but after thinking about it, I think this works well. Thomas is a great producer and director, and I do want to bring my special flavor to the picture. I need to remember: If I sit too high on my perch, I may not ever see an egg.

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