A Rose by Any Other Name

According to Dad,

"Pirooz means victorious one. I name you this, because it is a true Persian name. Arabic does not have the letter 'P.' "


According to Wiki,

Pirooz (Persian: پیروز "the Victor"; Chinese: 卑路斯; Hanyu Pinyin: Pílùsī) was son of Yazdgerd III the last Sassanid king of Persia. Most of what is known of Pirooz is written by his son, prince Narsieh.

Prince Pirooz was very young at the time of the reign of his father Yazdgerd and never exercised the imperial power of the Sassanids. After the Arab conquest of Persia, Pirooz and much of the imperial family escaped through the Pamir Mountains in what is now Tajikistan and arrived at Tang China, which was more supportive of the Sassanids.


According to Me,

"I want to be sprayed by pheremones from Mars. I want to be sprayed by sodium hydrochloride..."


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