Glamazon Life and Taalam Acey

Nisa teaches me everytime I visit her blog. She is an amazing artist and writer. If you haven't visited lately, go. You won't be disappointed.

The following is one of her YOU TUBE CLIPS OF THE WEEK. It was a powerful piece for me as a musician and artist. I don't think every artist commits wrong by making money off a platinum record touting sexuality or a gangster lifestyle. Some musicians are predisposed to appealing to the masses and their art functions for this purpose. Others write about what they know, and offer their lifestyle as a teaching tool or simply representation. At the same time, there can be a cost to the messages we send people.

Is it okay to promote misogyny for the sake of sales? Is another lyric about shooting a brother going to enlighten how we interact with one another?

It could. It could be exactly what's needed. We each make our personal choices for what we put out into the world. Taalam just helps us ask, "At what price?"

I'm glad Nisa brought Taalam to my attention, and that Taalam brought his thoughts to bare.

To visit Taalam and send him support, please visit here or here. To visit Nisa, click here.

To watch a gorgeous video, click above.


Aunt Jackie said...

ooh this makes me smile. I am glad that you too are inspired to share taalam's work. He is indeed powerful and his words are food for thought whether or not we agree or disagree.

i really believe what you say is true, some artists are predisposed for the masses...that's food for my thoughts!

peacefully yours,

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I'm glad I made you smile. You and Talaam both inspire me.