Paiman Produces, Breakdancing, and Pirates Mishap!

Paiman, the Host

If you're not watching YOUR L.A., you might want to start. My brother can teach you how to be a producer. It's forcheesy! Trust him.


I bought 11 tickets to see Pirates of the Carribean for the wrong day. For those of you who will be accompnaying me, have no worries. I bought 11 more for Sunday at 7 PM. We'll meet outside the DILC, and head to the Lotte Theater in Nowon.

As far as tonight, can anyone say dancing? I think I've got a few moves. Loren Goodman will be in from Japan, so we'll have to show him the "shopping cart," "flight attendant," and any other fresh freestyles jams you want to showcase.


I am so breakdancing tonight!


Say said...

i am very sun burnt. sun burned? bun surned?

school's out for summer. . .school's out for EVER.

today i played with puppies.
you have many tickets. . .
i love tickets!

colin bones said...

That 'Your LA' video was so irritating i started screaming out loud after 7 seconds.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Say - Puppies are the bomb.

Colin - I thought it was funny. I like television in all its forms. Last night Loren and I had a sitcom off. That was good.

"Cosby Show or Family Ties?" I asked him.

"Family Ties," he said.

We kept going for quite a while. He finally settled on "Fantasy Island" as one of his top pics.

"Nothing beats Fantasy Island," he said.

I picked "Welcome Back, Kotter" over "Fantasy Island." I also like "Taxi" a lot. That was a good show. I remember Danny Devito working in his little booth at the end of each show. I liked that. It made me feel a lot of nostalgia and sadness. I like feeling that sometimes.

Now I am going to go see Pirates of the Carribean with friends.

The girls in this group have changed any film with Johnny Depp in it into "The Hotness." I like that too.

"What movie are we going to see?" I ask them.

"The Hot-ness," they enunciate.

That makes me laugh.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...
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Say said...

welcome back, kotter
takes the cake

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

With candles.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

With candles.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

With candles.

sean mac said...

what's up with the vest and t-shirt yo! i thought this was LA! We love it!