Bear Video

This is a faux documentary of Roberto and I pretending to be bears for the BEAR VIDEO. In the middle of the documentary, you can see us transform into bears and act in our music video of Tao Lin's poem, A Poem Written by a Bear.

All the music was written and performed by The Slipshod Swingers. You can hear lots of songs by them in the documentary. On one of my favorites, "Tree Song 206," you have the vocal stylings and guitar work of Sonny Mishra. His record with The Temperance will be out on iTunes in a couple weeks.

The rest of the songs were done by Franky Ewing of Downtown Harvest, Timmery, and yours truly.

I hope you enjoy the Bear Video. I hope it makes you laugh and take bears more seriously. We are coming to suburbia. We want turkey sandwices. We like caves and making friends.


Have you bought Tao Lin's new double-book "Bed" and "Eeeee Eee Eeee." Check it out here.


Say said...

a bear tried to eat me once. . .since then i always take them seriously

Michael said...

God, you learn to love and learn to let go. . . PS1 you shine no matter where you go. Light the way bro. <3


Pirooz said...


that's a good reason to take bears seriously.


Pirooz said...


just like you, g.