Children's Day, Spidey, and Sticky (Rated R)

Today I walked with a friend to a Children's Day Celebration closeby to campus, said hi to women with pink hair, played soccer with a boy, and watched some disabled children master the art of the yo-yo.

Although I look awake in the pic above, don't let that fool you. I am hella-tired. I have had an extremely busy opening week for the new semester. I am thankful tomorrow I get to sit at Hwa Gye Sah Temple. I will get bored and maybe see Spidey.

From what I hear, this is on C. Dale's to-do list as well. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the series, but I do like comic book heroes. They can make you feel like writing a poem when there is no way you would think of writing one. In fact, there is a comic book hero I have spent a lot of time studying. You probably don't know who she is, because I found her out here in Korea, but if you're interested there is a lot of info on Sticky and her various crimefighting campaigns in brochures I can send you.

Here is an excerpt from the brochure I got on Tuesday in Sinchon. It's been translated by me from the Korean, so it's got that shaggy dog feel as some of my colleagues might say:

"Sticky does not eat meat. She believes in wholesome meals, where raisins are the key ingredient. She has a level 7 power punch. If you are caught in a turbine or have put your hand into a machine you weren't supposed to, she can get you out very fast. Her legs are like two redwoods facing each other. They are very tall and long..."

The cards I got of Sticky are interesting too. They continue in the same rough-hewn way. Occasionally, there's this great bit of laguage where it gets very romantical. I love when things get romantical. Take the back of card 16 of The Sticky Series #1:

"Sticky was born in a mud pie on the side of Pukahsan mountain. She was born and her family said, "Katz!" They raised her to know her strong lineage. They gave her fish and kim chi. Now she is as strong as a boar in the forest. She will destroy all those who fuck with her (my translation, rated R)..."

Well, that's not as romantical as I thought it would be. It's still pretty tits if you ask me. I mean, Sticky looks totally sick on the card. She's got this lederhosen get-up with suspenders like in "Sound of Music," but she's got that whole "I'm from Seoul so don't fuck with me going to the club in Hung Da" thing too. It's in her eyes and the cape she's got. It's red with blue pinstripes and glitter. (If you get a microscope and look at the card, you can see that all around the edge of the cape there are these little galbi (meat frying on a pan) cartoon drawings. That is so bad ass, if you ask me.)

Anyway, that's why I'm going to probably see Spidey. I've just been so into Sticky, that I figure I might as well get my fill on him, because when is Hollywood going to put out Asian superheroes that aren't Voltron or Pokemon? When will Sticky ever see the light of day, right?

If you want me to send you Sticky cards, I will. It'll cost you 10 bucks. Just drop it into my paypal, (for-shizzle), then holler at me, and we'll get the card sent off boom, boom, smack, smack.

Over and Out,



Anonymous said...

this photo has to be one of two things:

1. your author bio picture on the book sleeve.

2. your next solo album cover.

awesome awesome. inspiring awesome.

-- stace

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

It looks too pretty to me. It needs cobweds or dinosaurs. Maybe, you could draw me dancing with girls who have pink hair.

Kristen Iskandrian said...

Hi Pirooz. I like your blog. It's wise and gentle and funny.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...
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Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Thank you.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I sent this to a friend of mine. She said I looked like a crazy version of Robert Palmer. That cracked me up. It's so true.