TJC: Off To Mars


John Posatko said...

Mars is a real ham.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Ah, yes.


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Mars can also be complex as another language. It all depends if I can see it as my own. That's they key to speaking Martian. A good example for the Earth. A very fine example indeed.

Delia True said...

Pirooz, I clicked on that NASA Mars link you provided a few posts ago, and to be honest it kind of scared me (especially the mushroom cloud takeoff & that old guy waving his hands in the air like he just don't care). Your relationship with Mars seems more healthy and creative than NASA's.

I always liked Saturn best.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Yes, I don't know what Nasa's relationship with Mars is. From what I've read, (at least from the engineers at JPL, and the other various sub-contracted agents) the goal is to answer the big question: is there life on Mars?

My father just emailed me a different post, that lists how the 4Frontiers Corp. wants to build a colony on Mars.

"... Homnick and his co-founders -- a longtime Mars aficionado named Bruce Mackenzie and a 25-year-old Massachusetts Institute of Technology master's student, Joseph Palaia -- are ready with several answers.

First, they contend, humankind needs a new frontier to explore, with all the intellectual and engineering challenges that homesteading Mars would present.

Also, who knows the fate of our humble Earth? Will we meet an early end at the hands of an asteroid, warfare, disease or some other catastrophe?

In that case, we'd sure be glad civilization had been preserved by some colonists on Mars -- and perhaps elsewhere in the galaxy, if all goes well on the Red Planet. That broader vision of space settlement gives 4Frontiers its name: the frontiers being the Earth, the moon, Mars and the asteroids.

"It's the nature of life -- life tries to expand and tries to adapt," Mackenzie says. "If there's a forest fire in one valley, then all of the organisms in the next valley will slowly creep over the ridge and repopulate that valley. Any species that don't do it eventually die out." Going to space, he believes, is as if "all of earth's life, acting together, is trying to get into the next valley. And the only way we can do it is by building rockets."

Mackenzie, a software developer, has devoted much of his energy to a nonprofit group called the Mars Foundation, which aims to advance knowledge about how to colonize the planet. But he decided a private venture like 4Frontiers also would be necessary, to drive things forward.

Although President Bush has called for a manned mission to Mars, Mackenzie believes big bureaucracies might never get the job done right..."

To view the entire article visit under SIENCE & SPACE...

Saturn is a beautiful planet. I loved drawing Saturn.

Did you hear that Mike and I will be on an episode of The Gym? How funny is that?

lol, p.