Mike's Exercise Tip #1

Watch video here

Each day I go into the WG, MIKE makes me smile from the wist side to the east. His grassroots approach to working out, humor, and charisma are a welcome addition to LOGGERS UNITED (Lou, for short). He makes every exercise tip an experience for exercise enthusiasts, reality buffs, or friendly visitors alike. Each day he advises me about calorie intake, and the best ways to build muscle mass. It is a great honor that he has agreed to share some of his athletic wisdom with the world.

Governator watch out. There's a new dog in town. He can put you down in a heartbeat. He knows pushups. He is an elegant machine.


sean mac said...

P. I hear ya. Just saw your comment on Jim's blog. I don't want my own blog man, and beside, Jim asked. Maybe this is the new... Ooh, shut yo mouth! You know what I'm talkin' bout, a-ight?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Ah, I see...This is funny. I like it very much.