David St Lawrence, Quicksand, and The Longest Tail

David St Lawrence is opening my eyes to the possibilities of the blogosphere. Visit him, get his book, or talk to the guru. The longest tail is the answer to business in today's market. I will be looking into this. My only problem is funds for creating a publishing service. Maybe, David has the answer. I have to get these books I'm writing out there. Guru Lawrence may have the answer, or at the very least, the best marketing guess I have heard.

David, if you're reading, will you take THE WHOPPER STRATEGIES on board with QUICKSAND? Can we make some sort of partnership? Talk to me, brother. Where are you? Oh, Laurence, you're my only hope...

Funnily enough, Mike (the guy from the Exercise tips) gave me a great TAGLINE for STRATEGIES. Dilbert meets 1984. A humorous, light-hearted approach to the dangers of corporate culture. I thought that was great and told him so. Then we continued with the shoot; him and I doing push-ups on this new reality show called THE GYM. It airs on the Fitness Channel in October.

But, back to the point at hand. OH, LAURENCE...

The dream continues. Now I see some stairs. Thank you for sharing your expertise. Let me know when you're prepared to take on other books to BENT CROW PRESS.


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

The new tagline for STRATEGIES is working. I am getting many more responses from agents. I also re-tooled the format of the query to make it a bit more professional and less wordy.

Which way will I go? Self-publish or major corporation? Or are they the same thing?

According to Seth Godin, authors are expected to make all the sales on their books, and according to David Lawrence, the old economic framework of the magic 20 is no longer viable--it is the throwbacks; the hidden tracks--the longest tail.

It seems to me that I will do both. I will release with a major publisher, and create a major campaign with products. We will see what tomorrow holds.

Right now I am thinking about a new business. The new tunes--an even longer tail--a collective of all of us working together. All the artists everywhere who want to submit tracks, films, literature, photos to be purchased on a host site.

This is the new magazine. This is the new bookstore. This is not the future. This is right now.

Who hears me? What up? Shiz-nit! Break it.

David St Lawrence said...


You have no need to piggy-back on another publisher. That is the madness of the traditional publishing game.

You write a book and then you try to get someone to publish it and promote it as if it were important to them. It can be done, but you need to fit their mold if you expect to get any support.

The new model is better and is more efficient. You write the book and YOU publish it! You can do it in many different ways and you will eventually end up on Amazon.com as I just did. See my post: http://ripples.typepad.com/ripples/2005/10/danger_quicksan.html

When you publish yourself, you enjoy the incredible experience of receiving emails telling you that another book buyer has sent you money. Every day becomes an adventure. Read my series on self-publishing and do it yourself.

Good luck!