I miss the Love in my TOES: Mars and Beyond

Spicy sandwich. She loves me. Spicy gumball. She loves me.

I announce to my WG comrades that I will write a poem.

I call it LATECIA, I say.

Latecia laughs. She says,

L is for laughing...

Then it continues naturally

A is for "all together"
T is for today
E is for everlasting
C is for compassionate -compassionate, good one.
I is for incredible or insatiable
A is for apple -- no, I'm just joking. A is for (laughing) Amsterdam...all together...no, I have an a....Hmmm...A is for...A is for (looking at soda can)...admirable.

You work with that, she says.

Last night I thought about going to the coffee shop to post a little something on dreaming. I didn't though. I had writing to do. Other writing.

Here is what I have to say about dreaming. My TIPs on DREAMING. These are my PSA's (Public Service Announcements) for a new millenium and HAPPY HAPPY (like PIZZA PIZZA but better, because it's about being full in a different way).

Folks get up off the ground. DREAM. Do it. Now.

Take 2:

Folks this ground you lift yourself from it is uh...the place to begin the DREAM. Do it. Fo sho'!

Cut! Cam PL's to MS--P sitting in chair. Man with baseball hat approaches.

Man with Baseball Hat: Matte?

P: Yes.

CRew: Okay, we're rolling. Quiet on set. And...go!

PL and ZI to MCU-P sitting in chair.

P: Hey, I like monkeys. In my dreams. What up? Do it. NOW! Dreaming, that is--ah poodu! Can I do that again?

No, you can't.

That voice. I know that voice. Is it? It can't be? But, is it?

It is.

I couldn't believe it Burt Kristbaum. I mean he was a living legend.

B: I still am.

PL and HOLD on MS--Burt Kristbaum.

B: May I?
P: (VO) Please do.

B: Look folks dreaming is a very necessary thing for the beginning explorer. It can make or break an expedition. That is why my crews go theough an extensive training regiment that details dreaming and its relation to successful dowsing techniques, exploring the lower foundations, and moving in aerial space. Without this fundamental vision, success ratios for most explorers drops a considerable amount.

P: I knew what Burt was talking about. When I was a kid, I used to dream all the time. I would be like, "I want to go out with Gina Leathers," and then the next day she would go out with me. I would get a note in gym class. It said, "I like you." Then I would get back from gym pretty happy, even though we lost at dodgeball. I would be in Science class. Mr Fronzeo would be making us watch something about space. I would get really excited. I liked space. Then JJ Rooney, would smile at me. She would hand a note around the desks. It would get to me. It would say, "Tina likes you. She sent the note."

Then I would dream about us getting married. Then I stopped. Tina got mad at me. I fell in love with JJ. She sent me a note the next day. Then I dreamed about her. I didn't dream about Mary though. I wasn't dreaming about her at all. I am dreaming about a house on the mountain. I am dreaming about lots of money. I like money.

Burt: I am dreaming about Mars. The expedition. Those stars. The voice in my childhood. How she would call to me. Over and over. Over and over...

PSA--Take 3:

It is good to dream. It makes life possible. It makes every moment real special.

-P, from The Whopper Strategies


Dylan Hock said...

No shit. Love to read Jim's Whole Milk. One of the best I've read this year has been Kyle's Steely Dan. (I mean that too, Kyle. No smoke up yur ass.) Fantastic.


Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Right on. Well, when do I get a copy KYLE or how. I ain't got no dough for that sort of thing. Hook me up.