Mars, the Painting 5 days!!

Only 5 days left for MArs, the Painting at auction. It looks like Jim may be the lucky owner.

of course, i know some of you are waiting for that last minute rush.

just a reminder. 5 days left.

bid on it here.


John Posatko said...

How do we know who else is bidding and how much? That would make for a much more interesting ebay, wouldn't you say?

By the way, the word verification I had to fill out to publish this comment, if spoken phoenetically, would sound like, "Fee Sir Hedge Too!" Too doo hash fee na seeen!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Ha! On the password.

On ebay. Yeah, you can see who's bidding. just click the link, and it will tell you has bid and how much. it will also give you the history of bids.

Dylan Hock said...


Would love to bid on this one too, but too broke. Good luck.


Delia True said...

I printed this painting on the color printer and put it up in my cubicle next to my favorite Stacy Elaine original, as I am also too broke to bid.

I hope it goes to a good home.

Christian said...

Greetings from Philadelphia.
Thanks again for the hospitality. I wish my broke ass could bid on this painting, i remember seeing it. Anyway, keep in touch.

JWG said...

stay broke for a few days longer. This baby is mine! (insert evil laugh)

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

hahahaha! you human beings are the shiz nit. (insert jim's muhahaha)

Jim: (VO) i control the universe with the touch of a button.

ZI to CU BUTTON. It is on the console behind the crumbs left from Inspector R's pastry. R holds up a peace sign to the sun. he laughs again. muhahaha!

Jim: Peace out! Chumps.

No, Jim didn't say any such thing. I was inspired from the evil laugh though. It makes everything go cartoony in my head.

Miss True- Thanks so much for incorporating MARS into the cubicle. I miss and think about you a lot.

C- Philly is rockin! What are you up to? How's the film?

JWG- MUhahaha right back and with you.

JP- She fu den hoosa fe du teeee! Which translates, butterfl dance in the wind, which translates, meet me at the water fountain, it's time to gossip on the love life of yours truly.

Hockeye- Did you ever watch Airwolf when you were younger? I saw that you just got a TV. I only have a record player. I usually listen to the 80's stations. They also make me feel cartoony.

Well, back at the WG. As my favorite cartoon character (i forget his name, but he was this pink panther) would say, "Exit stage right!"