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Fire in L.A. Not very fun. Ash all over the place. At work, FITZ was pretty funny when he just walked out and lit one up.

"You going to smoke?" M. asked.

"Yeah," he said, and chewed on his butt. "Why?"

M. shakes his head. We walk around the corner. Girls wave hello. We wave back.


Was on the 'puter. It gave me a message. HORSELESS PRESS wants a comic. I said okay, and sent it off.

Thank you Jen and Erika. Smooches, P.


Tonight is the L.O.U. Otherwise known as the Loggers BBQ. Tonight we will be celebrating the end of another week, Panauh's graduation, and his first night in Los Angeles. As of today, my youngest brother, by over 10 years, will be my new roommate. I have already made dishes the priority.

"Just do the dishes and we're cool," I tell him.

"Cool," he says.

We're cool.


I have been thinking about this combo between itunes, netflix, and amazon. I like the idea. The support from the world too. I will try and draw a schematic of what the page will look like. I am going to take this thing as slow as an onion inside the ground. I am not very clear yet. I am hearing all the ideas though. JIM GOAR says to have downloadable poetry. WWYISG wants to create a host site that houses other website, a collective as they said. JOHN SULLIVAN is encouraging to use MCS or web format that is not based in a chronological fashion i.e. Blogger, Blogoshpere, etc.

I hear all of that like a bag of chips under my chair. Although I will try and illustrate this point visually, there is one which may need text, and that is the idea of format. It may be possible to have poets and writers (not the magazine) record their material as audio or vlog tracks as well as pdf formats. Then users of this site we are creating would be able to download a record, or say a dvd with short films or a mixed cd of original music and literature.

If we create some type of cooperation with satellite radio. Maybe, we could get our library aired as either podcasts or (once the library is extensive), simply play the material at random 24 hours a day. (This second tangent came just now, so you can see there is some sitting to do with this thing. I get excited and just fly.)

Anyway, I will take more about this later. I just wanted to put out the idea of changing the format in which poetry is presented. Why not move things away from the text? What if we started releasing our books straight to itunes. These are thoughts I have been having--encouraged by MOKSHA and holy snails.


What else? Courting some agents for "...Strategies." We will see what direction this book takes. It seems to have a trajectory all its own. Let me take this virtual space to say, Thank you, and love to all those who are offering such kind words. It was uplifting to see all your comments on the GOAR side, and also for ELLIPSES to offer their kudos.

KYLE KAUFMAN is a cutie. Check out DACHEUX's latest painting. What else?

I don't know. I still can't get over it. Tonight the 3 brothers will be reunited. We haven't been together in years. Now we are rocking the same city. What will L.A. do? There might be mass hysteria. I will put up pics of the festivities.

Lots of love to all,



JWG said...

if you need a fourth for doubles, just give me a call. by the way, i only play on grass.

a i wx dig

there were no spaces, but i love that it ends in dig. I am so hip even the computer can feel it

JWG said...

great news on horse less. They are doing very good things.

Is it for the online mag or print? is it something from this site, or something new?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I have no idea. I thing it is for both.

what is that a i wx stuff? is that secret code for something?

JWG said...

a i wx dig

is the code i had to put in to get this coment up. i just liked that it said dig.

Stacy Elaine said...

you are the super of the dupper!!! both of you super double duper!