Mars, the Painting

The latest painting. It moves me very much. The script is Japanese and Korean on the side. They say beautiful things. "Samurai" things like that. Anyway, I am going to be finishing Mars or Bust soon. This may be the cover for it. So if you but this painting, take a quality picture for me. The auction ends in 10 days. Bidding starts at $200.

Moksha-- if you want it, make a bid.

Jim--This is in regards to the post I deleted. I am not upset. Just sending a shout to the world. I will do that on occasion. The academy is not my concern though. I think about my family, friends, you, my new apartment...

That's right, folks. New apartment. After moving to L.A. in July, and living on a couch until now, I will finally have a place of my own. Of course, I have no furniture. I also have no money. I am selling this painting to provide me with a bed and desk to write on. If there's any left over, I might get a refrigerator.

Anyway, love to you all. I will post a comic later tonight. For those that visit me during the wee hours (M-'just a wee bit), it's Mars or Bust, baby. Mars or Bust.


JWG said...

yr blog and you know it, do exactly as you like. was just curious.

I had an ingrown toe nail removed today. I am glad it is done.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I saw the picture. Beautifully gross. You got us all up in there. It's like reality TV on can of corn.