Text Messages Disguised as Poems

I received this TMDP yesterday from SO GEE:

I cooked for my
dad in the morning
I made my
lunch (it was
supposed to be omelet...
but i don't know what you would call that)
It's already Thursday.

I received this TMDP from my DAD:

Dear Son Pirooz, The Victor, I love
you and and here is Panauh's
travel related information.

Apple rocked this TMDP without even trying:

Love what your Mac
can do? You've just
scratched the surface.

Check out great software that
lets you do more with your Mac.

Shop all software.

I tried writing a TMDP to myself in high school, but it sounded phony:

There are never many
girls at the football
games. Only seniors
are allowed to bring
girls with them. This
a terrible school.

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