Pittsford Life

I am now in Pittsford, NY. My mom and dad have been showering So Gee and I with gifts, food, and love. In fact, anything that So Gee has asked for has been met with immediate results.

"Dad, I want Cheesecake Factory," So Gee asked.

"Okay," my dad said.

"Mom, I want to shop for DSW shoes," So Gee asked my mother.

"Okay, my dear," my mom answered.

"Pirooz, I want to get a massage."

"Okay, homeslice," I said.

The highlight for me was when my dad gave So Gee a tennis lesson. They first ran around the court to warm up. As they ran, my dad gave her pointers on how to breathe appropriately.

"You are out of breadth. You need to run. Fill up your lungs. The more you fill them, the bigger they will get. Yes! Now breathe in through your nose. And out! Good!!"

So Gee ran around the courts. Then they worked the forehand. I was an official ballboy.

At one point, So Gee got frustrated that she kept hitting the balls over the fence. She was ready to quit. My dad persuaded her otherwise though. He said, "This is just fun. We are having fun. You are a beginner. This is the way it is. Just play. Do not think about that ball. That is the past. Just think about this ball. Right now."

I smiled at the Buddhist reference.

Now I am in the basement of my parent's house. I am 32. Tomorrow we go to the planetarium to celebrate. I will look at the stars. I will play tennis. I will eat cake.


Saysay said...

Happy birthday proozile
its my sisters as well
what a day.
sad i didn't see you when you were in LA...have fun in NY!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I will be back in L.A. on August 20th. Hopefully, we can hang then. : )


what a great amazing little couple. very adorable. yay!!!

jwg said...

You guys are full of good fun!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Well, if we were all together it would be crazy fun.