Latest Adventures

My dad and I have argued about Jesus. My mother has provided me with every food imaginable, and then asks why I have not eaten the entire refrigerator bare at the end of the week. My infommercial DVDs have yet to come. So Hee calls me daily and falls asleep on iChat. I have been on a strict diet and workout regiment. I have seen no dramatic weight changes, as I continue to lose fat and simply gain muscle. My stomach has told me that we are in a battle royal. Several times now I have gotten onto the ropes to muscle my way through a body slam or clothesline. At present, I am high in the wings, waiting for a performance of Batman, The Dark Knight. According to a reputable source, the movie is the bomb. I am now in attendance with my father. He keeps nudging me to keep me awake. There is something about dark theaters. They have an effect on me. It is not unlike Tylenol PM, which I recommend wholeheartedly for those who are allergic to Aspirin as I am. The previews have ended. I will report again soon. My text messaging has ended. I am a good movie patron. I will not sing along with the theme music. I will not snore.

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