So Gee's Trip to Hollywood

So Gee had a good time in Hollywood. She ate Persian food, walked on Hollywood Boulevard, put her feet in the Pacific Ocean, pretended to be paparazzi as she took a picture of Nicole Hilton; met and talked to stars from Gray's Anatomy and Heroes; and even managed to snub a major Hollywood star by asking for the picture of his girlfriend rather than him. All in all, I would say So Gee is pretty sold on making a transition to the land of glitz. Myself, I am open to Hollywood or Seattle. Those are the two that would be exciting and fun for me. We will see how I feel in NY tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe, the NYC will pull me hard when I least expect it. I have no idea. I just know that Billy Crudup is shorter than me and very kind, and that So Gee is much more brave about taking photos with anyone. The only time I stopped her from fulfilling all her tourist desires was when she wanted to take a picture of an accident on the PCH. I tried to stop her, then corrected myself. "It's not really done," I told her. "But do it if you want." She didn't do it. I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut. Why not take a picture of anything? She has every right. I will do better in NY. Bye.

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