City Mouse

I am now in Pittsford alone. That is interesting. I spend most days running on the back roads. There is a lot of roadkill, horses, and friendly people. Most folks will wave as I pass by. That surprises me. Not a person waved in Korea. It definitely makes running more fun.

When I get back home, my dad's cat usually nuzzles up against me and calls to be let out. I find this funny, as my dad has trained the cat like a dog. I'll let it out, and the cat will simply stay five feet by me at all times. When I say, "Let's go!" it will then follow me inside.

I have watched a bit of television. Usually, it's in the wee hours of the morning as I get back on American time. That is why I am now an expert on anything infommercial. In fact, I ordered the "Ten Minute Trainer" yesterday. I want to have rock hard abs. I will put Tony Horton to the test.

As of right now, I have absolutely nothing to do. I am magical.

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