I am seriously debating on whether to get the new Apple iPhone. It looks good. I just don't know. Do I wait until I'm back in the states? What would I do with it in Korea?

Conversation with an iPhone:

"So you want me?"
"Then do it. Just grab me."
"Why not?"
"I've got to get a phone plan."
"Just take me."
"I heard the phone plan is expensive."
"Your mama is expensive."
"That's true. She does like designer stuff."
"Hold me. Just for a while."
"Okay. I'm just going to hold you."
"Yeah, just hold me."


I did get a Sony Playstation II to fight the boredom of Pittsford. I can only play the golf game. It takes me 8 putts to get it into the hole. Then I get pissed off and reset the game. I'm not bored though.

Conversation at the video game store:

"So what is good to play when you're bored?"
"The PS2 is the longest running system with the most games."
"Do you have one?"
"Yeah, I have the PS2 and the 360. The 360 doesn't have as many games."
"So you like the Playstation?"
"It's a great system."
"What's a good game to play?"
"There's God of War! That made the system worth buying for me."
"Oh, yeah!" a patron to my right agrees. "Great game!!"
"Okay," I say. "Give me this God of War."
"Anything else?"
"Which golf game is good?"
"Tiger Woods is the best out there."
"Which one is better? There are like three of them here."
"Oh, well, the latest year is going to have the best graphics."
"Okay," I say. "I'll take one of those too."
"So we have the PS2, God of War, Tiger Woods - anything else?"
Anything else?"
"Nothing else."
"Will that be cash or charge?"
"I'll just use this card."
"Debit or credit?"
"I'll just do it myself."

The new Benji Hughes album is now available on iTunes. I got it. It's good. Different than what I thought it would be. The instrumentals kind of throw everything off a bit. The song order also jumps from slow to fast continuously. That is strange.

The best songs are:

Why Do These Parties Always End the Same Way
Tight Tee Shirt
Vibe So Hot
I Went With Some Friends to See the Flaming Lips
Waiting for an Invitation
You Stood Me Up
All You've Got to Do Is Fall in Love

That's a lot of good songs. Think BECK mixed with THE BEACH BOYS.

I got my Ten Minute Trainer workout video. Don't tell the people at Gods of Spandex. I feel like I'm cheating on them.

Conversation with Tony Horton:

"I am going to do your workout video."
"You like L.A.?"
"Love it."
"Okay. Well, good luck with the training thing."
"You too."


For those of you wondering why I am so product driven these days. Just live in a foreign country for a couple years, and then come home to your parent's house where there's nothing to do and infommercials play all day long. Believe me. You start buying shit.

GODS OF SPANDEX motto of the day: "Hold onto your gut! It won't be there in the morning."

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