Walk with Me

I just hiked up the mountain again. It was nice. I picked up some roses for my room on the way down. I also got some fried potato thing from a street vendor. My choices were fried squid, crab, beans, or potatoes. I went with potatoes. I figured it would taste like french fries. I was wrong. It tasted more like a samosa without the spiciness. I ate it and felt a bit ill. That will be the last time I have one of those, I thought.

Now I'm looking over the Korean I was taught last night. I was in a Baskin Robbins with some of my colleagues who were native Koreans, and I figured I would pick up a funny phrase or two. "How do you say, 'I have super powers?' " I asked.

"That's so cheesey," one of my colleagues responded.

"How do you say it?"

"Well, there isn't really a word for superpowers that I know. Hmmm-"

"Then how do I say, 'I can give you superpowers.' "

"Oh, my God! Why do you want to say that?"

"Teach me, oh, wise ones."

My colleague wrote down the phonetics for me to say the phrases. I was ecstatic. I also needed one more line to make it complete. "Yes," I said. "It's almost ready. I want to say, 'I have superpowers. I can give you super powers. Walk with me.' "

"That's pretty funny," my colleague laughed. "Okay, I'm going to teach you a real cheesey way to say, 'walk with me.' It'll be like a soap opera."


I tried saying the phrases several times. My colleagues kept laughing. Apparently, my prononciation was a bit off. They rehearsed it with me, until I decided singing the lines would get me there faster. I was right. I even got brave enough to try it out after I was goaded by my colleagues.

"If you do it," they said. "Oh, if you do it."

I went up to the friendly Baskin Robbins vendors and tried it out. They applauded me. I tried it out on a frangrance specialist. She smiled. I tried it out on our colleagues at the apartments. They laughed for quite a while. Then I put it away, and decided I would use it only one more time ever in my life. I know who I will say it to. Hopefully, they will also smile when I say it.

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