It's a nice quiet day in Seoul. Kayvon should be arriving any minute. In preparation, I managed to sweep, mop, and do the laundry - an old hospitality behavior that was burned into me by my mother: "Pirooz, is guest! Clean!!"

Last night I had the pleasure of re-visiting my middle school years with the film RAD - a tale about a small town hero who goes up against corporate big wigs with a BMX, love, and some killer moves.

After I saw "Back to the Future," I got a skateboard. It was a RAMP RAT. I tried doing all the tricks in the movie. I wasn't very good. I could only hitch rides on my dad's station wagon.

Then I saw "Rad." I got a yellow and black BMX right away. I liked the velcro foam on the handle bars. I liked riding real fast down the hill in Stuyvesant Hills.

Sometimes John and I would ride up to Wilmington Christian and ride down the grass hill to the bottom. We would try and pop wheelies. Then we would head back to his house. All the neighborhood kids would show up for a game of kick the can. I liked those days. I liked my BMX. I liked being 12.

It makes me think about girls. I like them too. I went out with 3 girls when I was 12. I stopped riding my BMX. I wore Polo cologne, and went to the St. Mary's basketball games. I picked up a blade of grass and spun it. I told the girl she won.

"Won what?" she asked.

"A kiss," I said.

Now I have my childhood in a game of tether ball. It bounces back to me for all my good ideas.


amber said...

I had a bmx. It was silver with a yellow lightening bolt. But then I upgraded to a big yellow bike with a banana seat. No tassles, but I rocked the banana seat.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

It's good to rock things. I once rocked a stage in Newark, Delaware. Sadly, there were no banana seats anywhere.