Cecil's Water, Spindrift, and Korean Anthology

It looks like some of my early, early music material with musical group, Cecil's Water, is now up for sale on the net. Here is a track on a compilation from Bringin' Home the Bacon. I also found our first record, Fear Moves, on this site. I wonder who is getting the proceeds. It certainly isn't me.

In music related news, Kirkpatrick, one of the old rockers from Newark's early days is still going strong with Spindrift in Los Angeles. The group is now on a nationwide tour. If you like country western spoofs or spaghettis westerns, this band may be right up your alley. Try and catch them in these smaller venues before the inevitable.

What else? Well, B. and I did scour Insadong's art scene to recruit writers for the Korean anthology. We scored it fairly big at Boondagi, and found lots of other possibilities for recruitment. We will be going to some poet gatherings, and I will be sure to post films about the process. It'll be interesting - an artist and a former Army officer on a quest for hidden treasure. I wonder who will play Dr. Livingston.

I got a message from Loren. Hopefully, he will be out here soon. As far as other visitors, my best friend from high school will be heading in from Hong Kong. For those of you who know Kaivon, I'm sure you can imagine the fun him and I will have. I mean, the guy used to make goat noises in retirement centers, has driven across China on a motorbike, and helped Lycos get off the ground before the Internet was even in full swing. I'm hoping him + me + Jim + B will = a shindig somewhere fun. I'm guessing in around Sinchon, but a trip to Insadong would be just as fruitful. Only time will tell.


Anonymous said...

the guy at the 7-11 asked where "baby" was . . . then he made a cute pirooz face, and i was like, "oh, he's in korea . . . and i miss him."

-- stace!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Why did he call me "baby?"

Ah, from my tattoo. He used to sing, "Baby, I love you" to me when I went in there on account of one of tattoos being the Begali phrase for "I love you."

Well, I miss him and you.

Call me on the iChat from A-dog's computer if you can. We can trade recipes for how to deal with 7-11 clerks.

Greg said...

Pirooz, I miss Continental.