Playing in the Subway

We went to the far North of Seoul to find the guitar shops. After haggling on prices, L. and I walked away with some guitars. Here I am on the return. L. captured it for posterity. The folks on the subway wanted to know when and where we would be playing.

"At Duksung yo-day," L. informed them.

Now I'm about to head out to the bookstore. We are trying to find young authors in Seoul. There is talk of an anthology a-brewing. I will spread more fire, if the kindling gets hot.


Bret said...

1) nice axe.

2) it's incredible (to me, a native new yorker) how clean that subway car is.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

1) yes.

2) truly unbelievable. but they don't smell so hot. you have to move from one to another to get one that is bearable at times.