Pi and Tang

The Patron Saint of Approval sent me this video. I was pleasantly surprised by the musical number. I take it the Saint knows my humor. It may please him to see this shout out now. It may also be beneficial for him to know that as a proud member of The Trapper Keeper Movement, such discussions on 80's popular culture and its numerical dissertations are high on the list for any devout member. Klaus Fenterhawk's satements in the latest issue of TKO proves this point with diligence and flair: "Trapper Keeper Movement members have been known to memorize Pi past 29 digits while drinking Tang."

I believe this is fanfare enough for all of us to enjoy the illustrious world of Zap, whether we believe in America's space program or not:


For those of you are interested in the interview process and its importance in today's literary world, you may find time between Tang shots to enjoy this article in Bookforum.

Trapper Keepers 4-eh-ver!