My Hair Slightly Flat After a Long Day's Work

I think I am turning into the Buddha. Pretty soon I will have a spear. Just imagine one next to me. It is behind me actually. Ready to strike. That will be a book I write. That title.

Now I will write a comic before bed.

Thomas Henwood will be visiting tomorrow. He will be staying with me. I am sure he will take better photographs than this one. I will commission him to take a photo of me in the element. I will post that as well.

I also have a film series I would like to start with Cindi Lauper's "All Through the Night." So far I have surfing and George Bush as my subjects. Now I just have to figure out how to get to the beach.

Ah, yes, thank you Spirit. This is where Thomas comes to the rescue.


Diggatron said...

Good stuff!

Lynn said...

Hey, your hair looks good!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Beautiful song, Diggatron.

You are too sweet to me, Sprigs.

Stacy Elaine said...

hi. and yes. your hair is lovely.