"I Am a Sex Addict" is Coming to Theaters in April

After a long campaign trail, Caveh Zahedi has sold his film to IFC. Now he gets to have his due. Now he is President.

That makes me happy. It's also a huge lesson.


Believe me. It is easy for me to give up on marketing things. It is easy to say I don't want to be part of the machine or I am making art for posterity. It is easy to see the glass half full.

Caveh, like all artists who get their due, put an end to this scenario. He accepted the reality of the system and marketed his film to be on the mainstage.

This is the reason he is now our elected official.

"Very Aikido," a voice says. "Very Mu Shin."

Hopefully, I will learn from my friend's example and create a campaign for my books. Maybe, like Caveh, it will take touring the country and (in my case) doing readings and selling the product myself. What an undertaking for Caveh though? Unbelievable.

I am so proud and thankful for Caveh and all the people who have helped him bring I Am a Sex Addict to the national platform. I am a huge fan of Caveh's, and believe he is creating influential, daring, and emotionally powering films. What more can we ask of an artist?

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