It is late on Friday night. I am waiting. Tonight is the date. What do I say? What do I do?

I have no idea. I have nothing planned.

I got flowers. She said she liked Pippi Longstocking, so I got her a book. That's about it.

I think what I dig most about this girl is her laugh. It's a great laugh.

I wonder if laughter turns anybody else on. It does me.

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to write reviews of Golden Ashtray, the Comic Book or the new record. You honor me by doing so.

I will tell you about the date tomorrow.



Lynn said...

You must be on the date right now. I hope it is going well!

JWG said...

good luck on the date.

need yr address so i can send you the book when it comes out


Stacy Elaine said...

break a leg bud!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Date when great for as long as it was. I really dig her. We are different, but she makes me giddy inside. I like that. Thanks for the crutches. It's good to lean on sexy giants the likes of you.

My address is

1807 Taft Avenue, APT 1
Los Angeles, CA 90028

My next date will be this coming Saturday. She's agreed. Now I head to Melrose for some designer duds. It's in West Hoolywood, what up? Got to represent, you know?

Anyway, my legs are shaking.

I think one fell off.

Does this make sense?

It doesn't have to.

Arevaderci, P.

Stacy Elaine said...

yikes my bikes!!!!!!