Podcasts, Getting on Itunes, Releasing audiobooks

Posatko asked how to do podcasts. Here is the information. I have been too busy to get on this, but will try and figure it out by Friday.

I also applied to be an independent label on ITUNES.

I will release Swingers albums there, and then start moving into enhanced listings with websites, salon type readings of spoken word, books, etc.

I believe this is the way to go for audiobooks, and I am willing to try it out with a novel or two.

I will keep you posted on how this goes, and whether itunes accepts my application. I have no idea why they wouldn't.

JP, read below for your podcasts. Very easy.

[from itunes website] http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/faq.html

Does iTunes support the creation of podcasts?

iTunes does not support the creation of podcasts. Many podcast authors edit audio for their podcast episodes using GarageBand software for the Mac.

Does iTunes support the serving of podcasts?

No. The iTunes Music Store podcast directory will only contain references to the RSS feeds available on a podcaster’s website. A podcaster must be running web-server software in order to host their podcast. When a user subscribes to a podcast through the iTunes Music Store, iTunes accesses the podcaster’s RSS feed and downloads the enclosed audio files directly from the podcaster’s website.

How do I submit my podcast for possible inclusion on the iTunes Music Store?

Clicking the Submit Podcast link on the main page of the Podcast genre page in the Music Store allows you to enter the link for the RSS feed of the podcast you’d like to publish to the Music Store. You will be asked to provide the link (including the http:// tag that precedes it), check over the podcast information as it will appear in the Music Store, and provide additional information not included within the feed. Submitted podcasts do not immediately appear in the Music Store and may be reviewed before being posted.

Will there be any limitations or constraints for podcasters submitting their podcast to the iTunes Music Store?

Podcasts are recommended to have a title, description, artwork, subject, categorization, language, and if appropriate, "explicit material" tags. There is no limit on the number of podcasts that may be submitted by a given podcaster.

For inclusion in the iTunes Music Store, additional information is provided on the Technical Specification page.

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John Posatko said...

Thanks for the advice, Rooz. My fellow podcaster and I were looking at the same tutorial, yet couldn't figure out how to create the RSS feed it describes. We have a url on Archive.org, but for some reason it's not the RSS feed iTunes requires.

Any progress you make with putting Slipshod songs on iTunes will be greatly admired and hopefully imitated.