The Slipshod Swingers, The Mini-Record Just for People Who Visit Today

Want more?

The Slipshod Swingers are being streamed on MySpace.

We are putting the finishing touches on the album. We will have a CD Release party on Sunday at 830 pm at the Fortress of Solitude. We will probably make our way to the bar down the street. Who knows? Maybe, we will just have ginger chicken and write another mini-record. I don't know. I just don't.

In other news, Eric Sievering, the director on the last project I was in, says that there was a strong contingent that dug me. This was weird for me. I wonder what I acted like. So weird. Anyway, I love the world.

Jim, you are special.
JP stop making me laugh!
Frank your voice melts me.
Catherine the best lyricist I've ever met.
Timeray I love that breathy thing you do.
Michaelangelo, love you, brother.
Fitzy-boy, you are Shikow, like a Whip: Ker-plap!
Panauh you drive me into bliss.
Letisha, how's the Sims?
Sprigs is the greatest.
Loudon is a rock star.
Dacheux you are Buddha.
Alabaster you are a Magic Muppet.
Harrison you got it, boy.
Buddha's little steps.
Moksha I'll miss you.
Mom and Dad, hola!
Gina, hey, what's going on girl?
Kaufman, Kyle - Beautiful, Style.
Dylan's reality.
Teresa's gorgeous hips.
Nina's smile.
Mary Rachel's drawl.
Paiman's beard.
My shawl.
Allison Stine makes me bawl.
C Dale Young, is he tall?
Jamiroquai is a band I never listened to.
Jim Behrle has a funny last name.
Bobbie the constant gardener.
Nicole and my broken heart.
Vince like the dawn moon.
Me like a crooked spoon.

Thanks. Bye.

If anyone thinks one of these songs could make the album, let me know which one and why. We only need one. If any.


JWG said...

Teresa's gorgeous hips.
C Dale Young, is he tall?
Jim Behrle has a funny last name.

All of the possibilities are great, but I just started laughing at the c dale and jb song titles. Teresa’s gorgeous hips could be a down and dirty bump and grind nasty nasty song. All of em would be fun

JWG said...

Mom and Dad, hola!

and this one reminds me of a post card from a Spanish speaking country. What are you doing there? Ween’s Bananas and Blow comes to mind. But that is not what you’d be doing. Pirooz on the beach in the disco in the streets talking to tourist donkeys.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

I love your mind. That is an incredible connection. I will think about it. So funny. A whole album based on the people who inspire me. I like it.

Well, when your brain gets a chance, I was actually asking if you liked any of the tracks on the mini-record for the album.

It's crunch time now, and we have got over 40 songs to choose from.

Any ideas? Your favorites thus far? An order?

This goes out to anyone who has been listening. Although there is no doubt Jim knows his Slipshod.


Lynn said...

I wanna be a rock star.

Just kidding. (kinda)

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Sprigs, you are a rock star. No kidding is necessary.

C. Dale said...

I am only 5'10", definitely not tall.