New Version Without Distortion on Any Tracks

Just to let people know. I have put a new version of The Slipshod album up.

Mickey told me there was distortion on the first track that he owned, so I re-did the album. Now there should be smooth sailing. If anyone has purchased the record, get the second version too. Let me know which sounds better.




John Posatko said...

You took another page out of Jay-Z's book with that deft move...

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

What do you mean?

John Posatko said...

...releasing two separate albums to outsmart the bootleggers.

Mary Rachel said...

I got the media mail today...(version #1). I love it. It sounds like y'all are having a party. A bunch of eccentric artists and creative types....Dacheux must be dancing new-wave style on the table....I'm pouring another bourbon in a mullet wig. Its been keeping me company while I'm painting miles of black trim with primer. Who thought black trim was a good idea? Primer's white, clean canvas, go from there.

Thanks for keeping it real and reminding me why its ok to be a defunct artist.

and I'm curious when y'all are going to release the loungy, jazz album.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Actually, it's funny you ask. The next album will be out on the first day of Spring. March 21st. It's very jazz. JP jokes that it's my Sade thing. I don't know about Sade, but there are horns on the album, and my favorite tune, which is like a Madonna song or MIA (whatever your pleasure).

The canvas sounds nice. Are you doing portraits or framing?

I was thinking about doing another painting soon. This kid down the street gave me some used canvases, so I got to prime those suckers, and see what comes out.

Who knows?

I love you, Mary Rachel. Thanks for the shout out. Also glad you could hear the fun. Slipshod sessions are a real joy. Lots of laughing and hoopla. Tomorrow night should be equally as enjoyable. MC Escher said he would make a visit, and I'm hoping some new faces will also join in the fun. And, who knows? Maybe, you'll be taking a trip from Chicago soon. Word on the streets is that it's a bit warmer here. I don't really know though. Today was kind of chilly.

Anyway, I'll catch you on the flip, P.

Mary Rachel said...

Ah, the blank canvas is my apartment. And all of the trim and doors are literally painted black. You know how you go through stuff and have to have a change, like a new haircut? Maybe men don't do that.

"Art"-wise, I'm working on a sound piece right now. My grandma and great-grandparents recorded records back and forth with my grandpa while he was in WWII. I'm working on an installation where they all talk to each other on different speakers. Not quite sure what I'm doing...I'm a bit of a big dreamer....but that's how thing happen, right?

This weekend we were in the single digits.....1 is a lonely number. But I like extreme seasons. It gives you room to feel funky, romantic, spring chicken, etc. It can even help you dictate your schedule. For was dangerous to be outside this I painted and did domestic things inside the whole time. Would I have done that in Spring or Summer? hell no! So its nice to have the excuse to hibernate and be quiet every now and then.

But yes.....I have to come visit LA soon.

love and brrrrrrrr,