So Much Fun

Having so much fun. Man, I love L.A. Today I busted a full day at the television station, then tutored some kids in the twilight hours, then headed off to the Lava Lounge to hear a local group bust out some jams.

Nothing beats this life. Work and play in one day.

Yeah, sure it's 12:37 in the AM. I will rock work at 7, so not much time, but how much fun to have such a packed day of multifarious enjoyment. I love that.

You see I like variety. I like working in a corporation, and then helping kids, and then checking out rock acts on the Sunset Strip. You can't beat that. So purr-fect.

Now I am going to watch YOU GOT MAIL. Then I'll read a bit, eat some shish kabob, lift some weights, and then hit the sack.

Audi 5,



Miss Ahmad said...

a good day in LA is a very good day indeed!

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

you speak the truth, girl.