This Night

It's 112 in the am. Just reading people's blogs. Seeing how things are shaking. Looks good. Everyone is so fun. I saw that C. Dale figured out direct deposit. Jim's got another poem in Tiny Magazine. Dylan's got Blackbird dancing virtual beauty. Dacheaux has another painting. Stine is out of commission. Sprigs wants to have a smaller ass.

I talked to Nicole tonight too. Sad to hear her going out with other guys, but that's the way it goes. She told me she saw Marlowe, and him and Linton are engaged. Congratulations to you, Mar. I assume we'll see each other in the city of angels in a couple of weeks.

Could be nice, huh?

Tomorrow The Starving Artists will rock the Viper Room. Everyone is so excited here. Michaelangelo is bringing out the whole crew. We'll see if I get onstage. Who knows what will happen?

In other news, Franky and I went shopping on Melrose, talked about the yellow lamberghinis, and got haircuts at Floyd's.

Mohawk, for me. Franky got a tousled number. We were very hip. I bought lots of clothes. Franky didn't buy any. Then as we were walking home, we catch a poster of Angelina Jolie in one of the shops, looking delicate and tasty, and I say, "Damn, Brad Pitt's got that?"

"Yeah," Franky says. "He can have whatever he wants."

"Is that true?"


"He can't have Enlightenment," I say.

"No, he could have Enlightenment if he wanted," Franky nods. "He can get whatever he wants."

This cracks me up so bad I go into convulsions. It's the best poem I have heard in a while.


Brad Pitt
could have enlightenment
if he wanted.

-Franky Ewing


JWG said...

how did the starving artists show go?

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

IT was a GREAT show! Starving Artists rocked The Viper Room. I introduced them. Michaelangelo tore it up. Lots of energy. The next healthy Kurt Cobain. MC Escher dropped some lines in his first performance ever. MKZ dropped a verse, and the gorgeous Timeray showed us what a songbird was.

Unfortunately, Prince didn't show, but I'll catch him on the flip. Yo, dude, you catch that the album's been released? How crazy is that? Tonight some new tunes from Hollywood to you. Check in the morning.

Congrats on the Tiny, Mr. America. There is a superhero cape waiting for you under the palm trees. Maybe, even a utility belt.