News Update

I had an endoscopy yesterday. It was a bit scary. I knew no Korean for this type of exchange. Luckily, So Gee came along with me to translate.

"She is going to inject you now?" So Gee translates.

"With what?" I ask.

"An anesthetic."

"I can't swallow. Is that supposed to happen."

"Yes, the nurse says that is supposed to happen."

I don't know what happened after this. According to So Gee, I showed all the nurses my tattoos, talked about my psychological trauma of having been stabbed with a knife when I was four years old, and then discussed how one could possibly get gastritis.

"Is it from smoking?"

"Yes, that can be a cause."

"What about spicy foods?"

"Yes, that is also a possibility."

"How about alcohol?"

"There are many possibilities as to why someone would have gastritis."

On the cab ride home, I got into a lengthy debate with So Gee about what makes a good relationship. According to her, I spoke non-stop about how a marriage is a partnership, and how each person has to help make it work.

"You sounded very rational," So Gee told me. "I thought you were awake."

Ah, the magic of anesthetics! I only remember the gagging, and the pain of the hose being removed from my throat.

Now I have a horrible sore throat. Man, it hurts. Of course, I have the perfect remedy - 100 limited press CD's from The Slipshod Swingers. That's right folks!! The fine people at Sire Press have shipped 100 limited press CD's of The Slipshod Swingers new album, Transistor Radio.

The outside packaging has this cool raised ink you can feel - ooooh!. The inside has CD's made into strawberries and collector's cards!!

Fancy-schmancy, right?

Anyway, I will be shipping these out to people in the next couple days. If you want a copy, just send me an e-mail and I'll get you one. If you have received a free copy, please review it on LULU, iTUNES, or CDBaby. It would be nice to get your kudos or non-kudos if you have any.

I think the digital record will be out on iTunes by the end of January. I am not sure about LULU. I'll let you know if I put it for sale there in the next couple days.

Hmmm. I'll think about it.

Do you like the new painting?

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