Gastritis and Team Freedom

I just took some laxatives. Apparently, I got hit with Gastritis. It is a common occurrence for foreigners in Korea. What does this mean? Well, when you have produce fertilized with human feces, there are bound to be issues. I am just glad I was in tune enough with my body to catch it. Initially, I thought it was a heart problem, then a possible stomach ulcer, but it is now confirmed as Gastritis. Who would have ever guessed?

Now I am just nervous about the laxatives. I thought about only taking one pill, but what if I did, and all the bacteria wasn't flushed out? That is why I took both pills, and I am now praying this won't be a horrendous experience. Only time will tell if I lift off. If I do, I am going to shoot for Saturn. I know I usually say Mars, but I am going with the rings today. It could even be a game of hoops. I do belong to a new intramural basketball team. We are known as Team Freedom.

For some reason, Jim Goar gave me the number "27". I am very flattered. I don't know if I fit the Jordan component of the team though. I would say I am more of an organizer, motivator, and basic cheerleader - but that's the number I got, so I guess I'll have to hang my tongue out, as I orbit Saturn's rings. Who knows? I may even dunk. That would be great. I remember when Tom Welling used to lower his hoops, so we could practice dunking. That was probably my favorite time playing basketball. I could even reverse it right in there.

I can't promise a reverse at the moment though. I am just praying I get through this laxative in one piece. If I was the laxative, I would go easy on me. If I was the bacteria in my stomach, I would abstain courteously and exit stage right. If I was a basketball, I would want to be dunked. If I was a donut, I would want to swim. If I was me, I would head to the bathroom.

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