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It is so good to be on vacation. I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have got Flannery O'Connor's short stories and all is good. I am also working on an animated music video. It has been an interesting process. Mina Lee and I have been hard at work trying to make cartoon rocket ships circle strawberries and carrots. I think it'll be a fun little ditty once it is completed.

Other than that, I don't have too much on the agenda. I am enjoying the writing exercises Loren has been giving me, and I'll post some of them as I feel inspired to do so. In the meantime, you can check out the latest developments happening on the website. It seems to continually grow, and get closer to what I have envisioned it being.

By the end of this month, the music video and new record from The Slipshod Swingers will be available for purchase. I am very proud of this collaboration between so many wonderful artists, and I'm very excited to have a physical copy in my hands. I will send e-mails to the friends of Shikow, when everything is set to launch.

What else? Not much. So Gee and I are still going strong. She makes me laugh and I enjoy being with her. There are times when both of us would rather be alone, but I suppose it will just take time for us to be able to say when those times are. As of now, I am excited at the idea of going out to dance and drink the night away with her. Who knows? Maybe, she would be down for that as well.

Now I am going to do one of Loren's writing exercises. I will post it in a bit.

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