A Whirlwind of Sound Bites

Pressures are mounting at work. We go to studio in 2 weeks, and folks have got the devil in them. I mind my own. I dream solid daydreams of a world in academia or constructing a new line for Hasbro.

“I want to bring back My Little Pony,” I tell the executive.

“For what reason?”

“A good one,” I smile. “My Little Ponys rock. Lets bring them back...with guitars!”

“Hmmm,” he guffaws. “You might be onto something.”


In other news, I have been talking to a very cool mamacita. For now, it is top secret and may remain so forever. Who knows? Lets just say I’m having fun, hearing about another person’s life that is as much a hodgepodge as mine.

“I used to be a clown.”

“What?” I laugh. “A clown?”

“What’s so funny about that?”

“Well, it’s not the typical job choice out of high school.”

“Well, I was a clown, so…”


At work, T-master keeps me giggling consistently. This was his latest tour de force.

“I am drinking so much Diet Coke I think I’m getting blonder.”

I must have laughed for five minutes. I told T-master he was the funniest person I had ever met. He responded with a simple, “Oh, alright.”


As you can see from the Shikow Fund Drive, a generous donor has kicked things off. Now we only have 2,000 or so dollars to go before I can make cartoons and other such merriments.


My mother called on Saturday. She told me she was going to enter the Real Inventors Show.

“What are you going to invent?”

“My necklaces.”

“Necklaces have already been invented, Mom.”

“Maybe, they see my necklace is special and I get a million dollars.”

I love my mother. She is so funny. She is also a true Sufi – quick to see the humor in making outrageous claims for the sake of laughter.


I am so excited for Andre Agassi’s match tonight. I did not get to see Monday night’s extravaganza, and so I was in the dark about this being his final tournament.

If any of you get a chance, I would check out this tennis superstar as it might be your last chance to see him play tennis.

Can we say Jimmy Connors circa 1992?

7pm on USA or 1am on CBS, Eastern.


My Lesson of the Day: Stay out of shit and you won’t get any on you.

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