Two Drawings, Two Dollars

I walk down my block. A little girl eyes me. I say hi.

"Hi," she says.

I keep walking. I turn back. The same little girl.

"Want to buy a picture?" she holds up some pages.

"How much?"

"A dollar," she says.

"Okay," I say.

I pick two drawings. One is of a heart with more hearts.

"I did that one," she tells me.

The other is an alien.

"She did that one," she tells me, and points to her friend.

"Well, now I got one from each of you," I hand her the bills.

They giggle and run to their mothers.

"Keep drawing," I call after them.

I walk back to the apartment. It is hot. I sweat. I eat a burger. I sweat some more. I fall asleep.

Now I am back at it. The air conditioner is going. The Moon is out.


Jessica Smith said...

that's awesome.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Yeah, I figure they get to know about equal exchange. It's like, 'you got a drawing, here's a dollar.' Damn skippy! It'll get them wheels turning.

Just watch. Next Sunday it'll be 2 bucks a drawing.

I'll pay it too : )