The Car Adventure, Bootylicious, and Hardcore Zen

The car adventure has ended. After weeks of debating between buying a new car and repairing the old one, I have replaced my catalytic converter and passed California's smog exam. Now I will hit the DMV in style tomorrow.

This is a load off my back. It was causing way too much stress. And thanks to financial help from my father I will be able to get out of the car debt hole as well. Thank, God!

Now my one goal is to get a functioning computer to start tearing up a website for myself.

What else?

I hung out with Jennifer Perkins of Austin Craft Mafia. She is so sweet and purty. I will see if she can do an interview on her rise to television stardom and how she and the other craft mobsters have changed consumerism in the new millenium.

Jessica Smith's Organic Furniture Cellar has just been reviewed by Ron Silliman.

Richard Froude of Ellipsis has interviewed me for Issue 7 of Ellipsis Magazine. Believe it or not, this is my first interview in association with writing.

I am hard at work on adapting a screenplay of The Whopper Strategies. There is talk of a movie. People are interested and it looks like my brother, Paiman, and I are to be sold as The Kalayeh Brothers. I find this exciting and fascinating. Paiman is an excellent director and artist and I am excited at what we will create together.

My youngest brother, Panauh, is tearing up the music scene. He is working at the very hot Track Records and is dealing with so many great artists it's unreal. Right now he is in the works of putting out a mix tape with Phenom, and others, and, you won't believe this, The Slipshod Swingers. That's right. Our little group has gone gangster.

[ I also hope The Starving Artist's Beach Boyz makes the album. It has been my Los Angeles anthem - one of the best songs out there hands down. I feel like crying and laughing everytime I hear it. Long live The Hawkeye and Mickey Gees!]

Thus far, the track of choice from Slipshod is Bootylicious Call, which thanks to Panauh's engineering skillz is available here. That's right, baby. All kinds of treasure in these here posts.

I was pretty thrown when I heard that his crew dug our Booty.

"They want that song? Why?"

"It made them laugh," Panauh smiled. "They also said it was catchy."

That being said, I have to bow down to my youngest brother. The kid is 19, living on his own, and kicking ass left and right.

Can you say Rick Rubin? Def Jam?

I wouldn't be surprised.

Tara Blaine of American Drivel Review is chatting with me about doing something for the magazine. I am not sure what she has in mind, but I am open to whatever she wants. I'm a fan of the Drivel, and although I don't consider myself solely a comedic writer, I am happy to be in the company of such funny, witty cats. Especially Tara. Her Hopeless Housefrau says it all.

In other news, I am reading a book recommended by Moksha entitled, Hardcore Zen, by Brad Warner. It is, shall I say, Enlightening to find a Zen master who spits it straight and lets us all know the idea of Enlightenment is useless and you're better off questioning everything and sitting a little zazen to keep you puffing on reality under the New Moon.

Oh, yes. Tonight I saw Anita Apple Bum, the cute Persian I asked out through her grandmother. She was with some other bloke. It made me remember this letter I put on her doorstep a couple months ago. I don't know if I shared it with all of you, but I figured you'd get a kick out of it now.

Isn't it funny when things are in the past?


Say said...

Congrats on the booty,
and Beach Boyz makes me feel the EXACT same way. Nostalgic for times not had. . .OH MAN.

Stacy Elaine said...

beach boyz is a good song. P-Man is a good fella. we should have a cuppa tea soon. glad you are well little bud.

Stacy Elaine said...

oh and catfish is awesome. oh and so is ms. naughty secretary club.

Pirooz M. Kalayeh said...

Say - Why you cutting that hair?

Actually, I have given myself two haircuts in the past couple weeks. I almost got it where I want it.

Miss Elaine - Can you make a pic of you on roller skates? I think that's what the world is waiting for.

I can do coffee- scratch that- I can do a water or jhamba juice on Thursday. Lets say 7ish.

I have to write these scripts tomorrow, and then clean me room - it's a mess!

I'm excited about it though. A whole new look.

I will be going for that whole James Bond in a cave on a distant star kind of feel. It'll be tasty. Especially with the props made out of cheetos!


Stacy Elaine said...

p- thursday is no dice. i have a prior engagement. hmmmm. lets think about the weekend-- maybe a sunday tea.